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WYSPEA is a registered NGO with registration of: " DO/SW/GRT/REGD/2013-01 " in Pakistan. WYSPEA is also registered in Norway with following registration number : 911 586 924.

WYSPEA is a youth led organization working for the development and Empowerment of Women, Youngsters, Special People in Pakistan. It is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization working on volunteer basis both in rural and non-rural areas of Pakistan.

Young people constitute the largest [67% resides between the age 15 - 35] segment of Pakistani population. Those from low and middle income groups, have few opportunities to develop their full potential. Poverty is widespread, education levels are low, youth unemployment is high and traditional culture does not encourage young people to take decisions on issues concerning them.

There is limited scope for Young’s, Women, Special people’s positive local engagement in grassroots like politics and community development. Available education and political system is not creating mass level awareness regarding existing situations. They neither have the capacity to comprehend these situations in its totality, nor capable to take the challenge of creating alternative spaces and opportunities that nurture a counter veiling power among people and communities.


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