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  • To make Pakistani Youth patriotic and organize them on one platform.
  • To work for the achievement of 100% literacy rate through adult literacy programs by the Youth volunteers.
  • To make Youth aware of their civil, cultural, economic, political, social rights and their obligations.
  • To work for the reduction of unemployment through employment networks for the Youth.
  • To conduct research and surveys to sort out the Youth issues and their probable solutions and disseminate the obtained information.
  • To promote Youth participation in social activities, train the Youth volunteers for emergencies and disasters.
  • To enhance the constructive role of media to highlight the Youth related issues.
  • To promote respect for human dignity irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender, ethnicity or class background and eliminate all kinds of prejudices; e.g. ethnic, religious, sectarian, linguistic or parochial.
  • To promote respect for the religious, cultural and social beliefs, aspirations and rights of the minorities.
  • To establish and maintain friendly relations with other national and international Youth organizations.


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